About Me and the Classes

Jackstanding11263068_452766358226624_5160479585706100053_oI am a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method [FG(UK)],  Michelle Turner’s Movement Lesson™ and the Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) for children with special needs®
My main interest is in helping a person, adult, infant or child to improve their movement potential. I used to work as a lawyer but after an injury became fascinated by how movement can be used beneficially to improve the quality of people’s lives. I work with adults and children giving lessons on a one to one basis by appointment.  I also teach three disciplines in group classes: Iyengar yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais Awareness Through  Movement Lessons. You can found out more about the three types of group classes and my one to one lessons below.

Iyengar yoga

The style of yoga that I practice and teach is called Iyengar yoga after the great yoga master and teacher Mr. BKS Iyengar. In these classes you will learn how to perform yoga poses safely and correctly. They are a great way of improving your strength, flexibility, breathing and coordination. I am an Iyengar Yoga Intermediate Junior Level 1 teacher.


My Pilates classes are strength and conditioning mat based  workout classes which I have adapted, influenced by my Feldenkrais training, so as to focus on improving mobility. Each class begins with a warm up in standing  or sitting designed to work on keeping and improving the mobility of your joints and important daily functions such as the ability to balance and reach around yourself. The class then proceeds  with lying down mat work with exercises that will work on the flexibility and strength of your spine and core. If you have not been exercising for a while or believe you have become a little bit ‘stiff’ then these classes are a particularly good way of getting moving again in an intelligent way. I am a Stott Pilates certified teacher.

Feldenkrais: Awareness Through Movement Lessons 

In the Feldenkrais Method® group classes the focus is less on a workout and more on learning in a fun way how you are moving already and how you might improve this. The classes involve gently performed movements that are designed to help improve mobility, coordination, flexibility and balance. They are particularly popular with people who are interested in preserving and improving their own mobility. The classes will often have a theme such as ‘the movement of shoulder girdle’ or ‘movement of the pelvis’. You will be encouraged to develop your awareness of how you are presently moving and to discover new movement options. A lot of people think that getting older means poorer movement but these classes help to show that this need not necessarily be the case and that you are never too old to learn how to improve your own movement and therefore your ability to live independently in the world. I have a number of free videos and lessons on my Youtube channel which you can access here

Feldenkrais Individual Lessons For Adults

These one to one lessons use the hands on technique which Dr. Feldenkrais called Functional Integration Lessons. The lesson is conducted fully clothed  usually on a low table/bed or sometimes on the floor, or in siting or in standing. I use a gentle touch to help bring awareness to how the person is moving and to offer suggestions as to how they might more differently.

Working with children: individual Movement Lesson sessions

When working with children with special needs in addition to my Feldenkrais training I have  trained internationally with Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson™ as a Movement Lesson Practitioner and also in the Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) for children®.

This use of gentle touch can be a powerful way of communicating new ways of doing and moving. The lessons normally last 45 mins to an hour.